檸檬戚風蛋糕 與 奶油乳酪霜 Lemon Chiffon Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

It's been a long time since I made chiffon cake last time. Looking at my big angel food cake pan in the cupboard, okay, let's make a chiffon cake for Thanksgiving potluck. 

Many say you can't bake a chiffon cake in a nonstick cake pan. But I find it no problem with my Norpro 9.5" nonstick angel food cake pan. I mean, yup, it sticks. After baking I'll have to soak it for a while then cleaning is a breeze.

When searching for recipes I found this page useful: Back to basics: How to make the perfect chiffon cake | Jo the tart queen. If you're new to making chiffon cake or just want to review it and remind yourself again, click on it.


很多人說不能用防粘烤模做戚風蛋糕,但是我用我的 Norpro 9.5吋不沾蛋糕模沒有問題耶!每次烤完蛋糕之後我都要把它泡水一下,然後就很好清洗了,或許是它有些會粘黏的關係所以可以用來做戚風吧?

在找食譜的時候我發現了這個很棒的網頁,對於戚風蛋糕新手、或是想要複習一下重點的話很推薦點進去看看:Back to basics: How to make the perfect chiffon cake | Jo the tart queen (英文)

This recipe is a combination of what I found. I'm not sure what the cake size is in its original recipe. But it doesn't matter. If it's for a smaller cake, I'll have a shorter result. (And I did.) When I am unable to find answers to my questions for recipes quickly, I'll try it. Cooking and baking are like experiments. Kitchen is my laboratory.

This cake is not so sweet, and the frosting is on the cheesy side. We like it this way. Also I found it very soft and light, unlike the chiffon cakes I made before. Maybe it's because I used whole wheat pastry flour in the past and this time white flour?



I glazed the cake with honey and topped with blueberries. My boy looooves blueberries!

Lemon Chiffon Cake (my result is about 9.5"x3.5")

Cake batter
  • egg yolk 5
  • sugar 20 g
  • lemon zest 2 T
  • water 50 ml
  • canola oil 60 g
  • lemon juice 2 T
  • cake flour 90 g (all-purpose flour 78 g + cornstarch 12 g) sifted

  • sugar 90 g
  • cornstarch 10 g
  • egg white 5, at room temperature (I left the eggs for a day. Room temperature eggs whisk better.)

  1. Preheat oven to 320F.
  2. (Cake batter) Blend the lemon zest and sugar, rub them together with fingers until sugar is moist.
  3. Add lemon sugar mixture into egg yolks. Beat until well combined.
  4. Add in other ingredients and beat until smooth. Set aside.
  5. (Meringue) Blend cornstarch and sugar, mix well.
  6. Beat egg whites until soft peaks. Add half the sugar and cornstarch mixture, beat until well combined.
  7. Add the remaining sugar and cornstarch mixture. Beat on high until almost stiff peaks. (See the suggested link above, Jo the tart queen.)
  8. Add 1/3 meringue to cake batter. Whisk gently to well combine them.
  9. Pour cake batter into remaining meringue. Quickly but gently fold them together.
  10. Pour batter into cake pan. Bake at 320F for 55 mins.
  11. Invert the cake on a glass or bottle to cool completely before remove the cake from pan.

檸檬戚風蛋糕(我的烤出來是 9.5吋大小,厚度約 3.5吋)

  • 蛋黃 5 個
  • 砂糖 20 克
  • 檸檬皮屑 2 大匙
  • 水 50 ml
  • 芥花油 60 克
  • 檸檬汁 2 大匙
  • 低筋麵粉 90 克(我用中筋麵粉 78 克 + 玉米澱粉 12 克)

  • 砂糖 90 克
  • 玉米澱粉 10克
  • 蛋白 5 個,室溫(我把蛋放在室溫中一天,室溫的蛋比較容易打發)

  1. 烤箱預熱 320F/160C
  2. (蛋黃糊)混合檸檬皮和砂糖,用手指輕輕搓揉直到感覺砂糖變得濕潤。
  3. 將檸檬砂糖加入蛋黃中,攪打均勻。
  4. 加入其它材料,混合均勻。備用。
  5. (蛋白霜)玉米澱粉和砂糖混合均勻。
  6. 將蛋白打到濕性發泡,加入一半的砂糖,攪打均勻。
  7. 加入其他的砂糖,以高速打到很接近乾性發泡(詳情可見上面推薦的網頁連結 Jo the tart queen)
  8. 將 1/3的蛋白霜加入蛋黃糊,輕輕拌勻。Add 1/3 meringue to cake batter. Whisk gently to well combine them.
  9. 將蛋黃糊倒入其他的蛋白霜中,快速但輕巧的切拌混合均勻。
  10. 蛋糕麵糊倒入烤模中,烘烤 55分鐘。
  11. 出爐後連同烤模倒放在玻璃杯或酒瓶上放涼,完全涼了再脫模。

Use organic lemons. | 有機檸檬

Lemon sugar. It's so wonderful. Hope I can come up with other uses.

Cake batter. Done. | 完成的蛋黃糊

Soft peaks. Keep beating! | 濕性發泡

Almost stiff peaks. Yay! Beautiful! | 接近乾性發泡了,可以停手了!

Mix 1/3 of meringue with cake batter. | 將 1/3的蛋白霜與蛋黃糊混合。

Then mix them all together. Do it gently. | 接著輕輕的將兩種蛋糊混合。

I let it cool on a also upside down glass. | 利用倒放的玻璃杯將蛋糕放涼。

Cream Cheese Frosting (1 1/2 cups)

  • cream cheese 8 oz, softened at room temperature
  • butter 1/2 stick (= 1/4 cup) softened at room temperature
  • vanilla extract 1/2 t
  • confectioner's sugar 1 cup (= 120 g) (powdered sugar)

  1. Beat cream cheese and butter together until smooth.
  2. Add vanilla, mix well.
  3. Add powdered sugar, mix well.
  4. Refrigerate leftover after use.

奶油乳酪霜(1 1/2杯)

  • 奶油乳酪 8盎司(225 克左右),室溫軟化
  • 無鹽奶油 1/2 條 (1/4 杯),室溫軟化
  • 香草精 1/2 小匙
  • 糖粉 1 杯(120 克)

  1. 奶油乳酪和奶油攪打均勻。
  2. 加入香草精拌勻。
  3. 加入糖粉拌勻。
  4. 沒用完的放冷藏保存,可以抹麵包。

While the cake is cooling, let's make the frosting.

Quick and easy, it's done. | 快速又簡單,一下就做好了。

Cake released from pan... | 脫模後的蛋糕

Drizzle with honey. | 淋上一些蜂蜜

Unfinished cake can be stored like this, in a upside-down food container.

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